Why I’m starting the 5:2 diet

I love food. At the age of 20 I have always been pretty comfortable in myself. I knew I could be slimmer, but it wasn’t a priority for me because being half a stone lighter wasn’t as much fun as eating what I want each day. I still did cardio exercise 2-3 times a week, and eat relatively healthy meals most days considering I’m a student but it wasn’t enough to lose a substantial amount of weight without changing my diet. But then 6 months ago, I’m told I have high blood pressure, family trait, and theres nothing else wrong, but now thats always in the back of my mind.

THEN, I came across the 5:2 diet and not only was it a diet, it had masses of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, with the added bonus of losing weight as well, which appealed to me a lot. Seeing as not being able to eat what I want made me pretty miserable and I could eat what I wanted 5 days a week without any guilt and then restrict my diet just for 2, this was definitely doable.

To avoid giving up before I’ve even started, I’m waiting till after Christmas to start. My mum and dad have decided to start it at the same time as me which gives me 2 weeks to see if I can do it and get into a routine before I go back to university. Perfect!

So my start day is 29th December and I will post again with details!


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