First Fast Day

I decided to start a day earlier than expected as I was going to be out part of the day I hoped this would make it easier not to pick at all the leftover Christmas food! So it was time to measure and weigh myself in preparation of starting the diet! I’m aiming to lose around a stone.

I’m going to do my diet by having either a late brunch or lunch and dinner depending on what fits into my schedule that day, with maybe a small afternoon snack if I get too hungry. I can go till around 12 with food without too much difficulty on a normal day so it seems the most natural way for me to do it. Two 5.2 diet books and a million blogs later I decided on my first day fasting food! Being such a lover of food, the picking of new recipes is my most favourite part and it dulls out the dread of not eating much all day.

As I was going shopping today I decided on brunch and dinner, eating brunch at around 10.30am and then dinner at 6pm. Drinks aren’t a problem for me because I only really drink water and zero calorie soft drinks anyway.

Brunch: Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal – 130 calories
Snack: Apple – 47 calories
Dinner: Tiger Prawn Curry with Basmati Rice – 250 calories
Snack: 1 Chocolate Digestive – 80 calories
Total: 507 calories

First day went okay, I was a little low on energy and I felt the cold a bit more than usual. Brunch really wasn’t appetising at all, it didn’t taste of much and it didn’t have a very nice consistency! Won’t be trying that again in a hurry. It’s more annoying because it ended up being a waste of calories for the day in which I could of had something else but it did keep me full till around 2pm. Then around 3pm I started feeling really hungry so I had a small apple and a sprite zero to keep me going. But although I got hungry it wasn’t unbearable, although I was counting down the hours till dinner. Dinner came around and it was a pleasant surprise to see how much basmati rice I could have for 90 calories, it was easy to make and a really substantial meal, not much smaller than a normal meal would be, I would really recommend that recipe! In the evening I had just over 70 calories left and I really fancied some sugar, so I treated myself to 1 chocolate digestive, which really didn’t take me over the 500 calories by much and it was definitely worth it!

Overall, I feel like I can continue on the diet without too much difficulty, I won’t be dreading the next fast day, I’ll just focus on the new recipes I can try to improve my standard of eating and it will be a real learning curve 🙂


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