10th Fast Day

So I’m home from uni for the weekend, YAY! And I’m not ILLLL! And it’s also a fast day, I’ll be weighing in tomorrow but I measured myself today and in total I’ve lost 7 inches off my body! This includes 2 and a half inches off my waist, and around an inch off everywhere else. Which is such good progress in just over a month. Today is probably been the hardest day mentally for me, there was a couple of times I really wanted to eat. I also drove home today and it was hard going driving for 2 hours on an empty stomach. But I have only just got my appetite back after being ill and I think that made me more hungry.

Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Snack: 1 crabstick – 16 calories
Dinner: Herby Cod with Salad – 350 calories
0% fat yogurt – 70 calories
Total: 476 calories

So I had the satsumas as soon as I got in after driving home at around 1.30pm then I had a crabstick out of weakness at around 4pm, dinner at 5.45pm was really nice, two cod fillets at 100 calories each with some mixed herbs and breadcrumbs put on top, with some cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I had two fillets but I could have just had one, and I am overcompensating for the herby crust, it is probably more like 320 calories or 220 with just 1 fillet, so this can be a very low calorie meal. A lot more filling than you would think initially. Definitely will do that again! Today was actually significant because I decided to do a Legs, Bums and Tums and Pilates class in the evening which I have never attempted before on a fast day, I did feel a little hungry afterwards but I had enough energy to do them which is good. I only had Activia yogurts at home so they were 70 calories and I had one of those once I got home again!

So quite a hard day but I got through it, and under 500 calories as well! Although I’m quite glad this one is over. I’ll do a quick post with a weight update tomorrow. Happy Fasting! 🙂


9th Fast Day

Here’s my second post of the day! Fast day number 9, and I’m still ill, how brilliant. But it is aiding my fasting days I think, I’m not sure if I’m just not hungry because I’m ill, or because I’ve got even more used to fasting. But I didn’t have my first snack till 5.00pm and then dinner at 6.30pm. Then I had my yogurt at about 8.30pm and that was it for the day, which means I’m under my 500 calories by loads but I’m not hungry and don’t want to eat for the sake of it.

Snack: 2 small satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Pasta with a homemade tomato sauce – 240 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 300 calories

I’m still really enjoying my diet, week 5 is off to a flying start, hopefully by Thursday I will be better and be even more happy to do my fast day. Especially as this week is weighing and measuring week so I’ll know the truth about my weight loss, I’m really going to aid my weight loss by eating quite healthy on my other days, just so you know, so far every week I’ve been eating exactly what I want from waffles to chinese to mcdonalds, and I had all them in my first weeks of weight loss so don’t be scared to eat what you want, you’ll still lose weight! I’m not saying do this every single day but a little treat once a week won’t hurt. But I have been cutting down my portion sizes because I was definitely eating a lot of unknown calories from my massive piles of pasta and rice!

8th Fast Day

Sorry I am so behind with an update guys, I’ve been really ill 😦 and had such a busy weekend but I still did my fast day Friday. Being ill actually helped seeing as I didn’t even really want to eat anything haha.

Snack: 2 small satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Chinese chicken and noodles – 320 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 420 calories

So after laying in bed all morning thinking I was going to die but fighting to get up because I had so much to do I finally got into uni and had a snack at around 3pm, this was my first food of the day. I then made dinner for around 7pm but the calories are much higher than you have to make it I just had a bigger portion and the noodles I had to hand weren’t very efficient calorie wise, you can make it around 200 calories and it is really tasty. I had a yogurt to end the day (to try and cheer myself up) and then thats all I had! Quite a successful fast day even if that was partially because I felt like death for the whole of it.

Because of how late I am posting I’ll be posting todays fast results this evening, happy fasting!

7th Fast Day

So we’re back to Monday and another fasting day! The weeks seem to be coming round so quickly it’s crazy that we are already past the middle of January and by the end of the week I would of been on this diet a month! It’s definitely the most sustainable diet I have even been on and by this point I feel like I have just settled into a routine, no feelings of dread or thoughts of quitting, I feel like I just have to get through it and then I get a few days off. It’s not really a diet anymore, it’s a lifestyle and I feel good.

I am quite interested into seeing how going back to exercising 2-3 times a week affects my weight loss. Something I’ve read recently said that doing exercise can sometimes slow the weight loss down due to water retention and gaining muscle etc. I do mainly high cardio classes with a bit of toning from the weights during circuits, and I also do cheerleading twice a week for 2 hours. Whilst I was at home for christmas holidays I did literally no exercise whilst losing that initial 4 pounds, so I’m hoping it aids my weight loss rather than hinder it, but I am determined to not be disheartened if I do start losing less. As you might notice I haven’t said my weight loss this week, this is due to being back at uni and not trusting the scales I have here. So I will only be weighing myself when I go home, which is still in nearly 2 weeks time, so it will be 3 weekly weigh ins from now on. Also when I go home I will be measuring myself again to see if there are any changes there as well which I’m quite excited for!

Lunch: Sandwich thin with chicken, cucumber & tomato – 200 calories
Dinner: Sweet Potato Chilli – 215 calories
The 5:2 Diet recipe book
Snack: Shape 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 475 calories

At 1.15pm I had my lunch, I added more calories to it today by indulging in a little sweet chilli sauce in my sandwich, I really do recommend the sandwich thins, they are such a great substitute to a slice of bread and at only 100 calories for the whole thing, it is a guilt free way to have a sandwich on a fast day! At around 6pm I had dinner, I got my dinner recipe from one of my recipe books and I must say it was so nice and really filling, kept me feeling full all evening! I also cut out my afternoon snack again today, the goal is to try and push eating as far back as possible during the day to prolong the fast. I have to say going all afternoon without food is getting so much easier. I had my yogurt for dessert though, but I am quite a dessert lover and I like a sweet treat at the end of the day. Today was a particularly good day because I managed to stay under the 500 calories which hardly ever happens haha! I have bought a treat for tomorrow to congratulate myself for being good, a creme egg! I literally can’t wait to eat it. My next fast day is Friday so expect the next update then.

Sixth Fast Day

I have done my second fast day this week reaaaally late, mainly because I wanted to see if it was easier to do a fast day on a day that I work. I start work at 12 and finish any time between 4.30 and 6.30 with no break for food, meaning that the time of day when I get the most hungry (3-4pm) I wouldn’t be able to eat anyway. But something else I’m trying today is cutting out 1 snack.

Brunch: Spaghetti Hoops and Wholemeal Toast – 209 calories
Dinner: Pasta with a homemade tomato sauce – 240 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 509 calories

I know it looks like I’m having the same meal twice today haha, but that is just a coincidence. Spaghetti hoops and toast really fills me up so it’s great for a fast day without an afternoon snack, I had this at around 11am. Then I would at a football stadium where I serve and prepare food all day, so I was aware that I might crave food when I spelt all the hotdogs and chicken wraps etc, but you know what? I didn’t feel hungry, I went all day without wanting food and without proper hunger for the first time and it felt great! Even when I got home and was preparing dinner I didn’t feel starving like I expected and I had dinner and my snack and felt really full and happy. I didn’t feel the lack of energy I have experienced in the past, I actually didn’t feel any different than an normal day. So it obviously does get better! I’m so happy!

Fifth Fast Day

So just an update, I’ve lost 4 pounds so far! Which is great after 2 weeks and I am sooo happy with how the diet is going. I went back to university Friday, which is when I thought the diet would get so much harder as my housemates wouldn’t be doing the diet with me like my family was, so they would be eating things that I couldn’t have etc.

Lunch: Kingsmill Thins with chicken, cucumber and tomato – 150 calories
Snack: Small apple – 47 calories
Dinner: Spicy Prawns and rice – 250 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 507 calories

But actually, I found the diet so much easier yesterday, which was my 5th fast day. I think it was because I was in university most of the day, which only gave me certain times of day for food and not as much time to think about it. Also I think my body might be slowly adjusting to the fast days making me full after the food I do have which also looks promising! I managed to get to 1.30pm without eating which is much later than before. I had dinner at around 6pm again which seems to be the best time for me to have food without feeling really hungry!

Overall, I’m still happy to stick with the diet, as I definitely am getting results!

Fourth Fast Day

Still feeling pretty positive at this point, the fast days seems to be getting easier, and after having 2 days where I’ve eaten exactly what I wanted (Mcdonalds, cookies and pasta bake YUM!) I am ready for another fast day. I seem to be getting into more of a routine now, I only really seem to vary the dinners, lunch and my snacks now seem to be similar each time. Also it’s good to see the diet being supported in the Daily Mail this week.

Lunch: Sweet Potato & Salad – 130 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 70 calories
Dinner: Chinese chicken and noodles – 250 calories
Snack: Cadburys chocolate biscuit (oops) – 70 calories
Total: 520 calories

Saying all this, today was definitely the hardest so far. I was fine until about 12.30 when I had my lunch, but afterwards I didn’t really feel filled up, I still felt the hunger from before eating. I managed to last longer before my snack, I had a yogurt at about 4pm and again afterwards I felt hungry. Not enough to give up though, but usually I manage to fill full at least for a little while! I had dinner at around 7.15pm which is later than I usually have dinner so it was a struggle to wait but I did and it was worth it! Probably one of my favourite meals so far and really filling. I had a little more noodles than the recipe said to have which is why my dinner was more calories than the recipe says. Afterwards I had 50 calories left but I didn’t want fruit or anything like that, so I had a little slip and had one of the leftover christmas chocolate biscuits (MY FAVOURITE) which took me just over the 500 calories and I don’t feel like I’ve failed. I’m still really happy with how the diet is going, and one chocolate biscuit never hurt anyone! 🙂