Second Fast Day

So for my second fast day I decided to try it out on a day that I am not really doing much on to see what I find easier, as last time, being active actually probably made me think about food a lot more. This time I can wait until lunch time to have my first food as I think this will definitely be easier for me.

Lunch: Crab Salad – 100 calories
Snack: Small Apple – 47 calories
Dinner: Vegetable Chilli with rice – 250 calories
The Fast Diet Recipe Book
Snack: Activia Strawberry Yoghurt – 124 calories
Total: 521 calories

So lunch was really nice, I had it at 12.30pm, I just chopped up a couple of crab sticks in with some cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and peppers with a little sweet chilli sauce and it tasted great! And for 100 calories I would definitely do it again. The only problem with salads is the fact that they don’t really fill me up, an hour later I felt a bit hungry again, but having a sprite zero does seem to curb the feeling. I had an apple again as my afternoon snack at around 3.30pm and then had dinner at around 6.30pm. Dinner was really easy and tasty, I felt full at the end and it didn’t feel like a diet meal at all, I got this recipe out of the Fast Diet recipe book, it’s worth trying. With just over 100 calories left at the end of the day I had a great sense of achievement of managing another whole day with minimal food. It was definitely easier than the first day, and I hope it will only get easier. I wanted a yoghurt and I actually thought they was less calories than what it was, I’ll make sure I get the 0% fat ones next time, but going over 20 calories wasn’t the end of the world and it was worth having something sweet at the end of the day.

First week down and I’m feeling positive that I can do this!


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