Third Fast Day

So it’s Monday and after going to Creams yesterday (a dessert cafe where I had the most beautiful waffles) I wasn’t expecting a dramatic weight loss but I got on the scales this morning and I’ve lost 1 and a half pounds! Which really motivated me for my third fast day which happens to be today.

Lunch: Sweet Potato, carrots batons and cherry tomatos – 130 calories
Snack: Apple – 47 calories
Dinner: Ratatouille with Rye bread – 230 calories
The Fast Diet Recipe Book
Snack: Activia 0% Fat Yogurt – 70 calories
Total: 477 calories

Firstly, I got out the house, went and bought ingredients for dinner and run a few errands so I wasn’t in the house all morning. I got back and started doing some coursework to keep me more distracted from eating. I had lunch around 12.30 and it was really nice and simple, although it was only a small sweet potato it was filling, I love sweet potatoes and it’s nice to have something sweet that is also healthy as well. I had an apple again at around 4pm for my afternoon snack which seems to be my go to snack now. Dinner was set for 6.30pm and it was really easy and the rye bread really wasn’t that bad at all. Then at 8pm I had a yogurt to round off my food for the day. Which I managed to actually be under the calorie intake for the day amazingly, I must be getting better at this! Really didn’t find it that hard today, I wasn’t ever seriously hungry and I haven’t been as low on energy and distracted as previous fast days so maybe my body is getting used to them? Fingers crossed!


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