Sixth Fast Day

I have done my second fast day this week reaaaally late, mainly because I wanted to see if it was easier to do a fast day on a day that I work. I start work at 12 and finish any time between 4.30 and 6.30 with no break for food, meaning that the time of day when I get the most hungry (3-4pm) I wouldn’t be able to eat anyway. But something else I’m trying today is cutting out 1 snack.

Brunch: Spaghetti Hoops and Wholemeal Toast – 209 calories
Dinner: Pasta with a homemade tomato sauce – 240 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 509 calories

I know it looks like I’m having the same meal twice today haha, but that is just a coincidence. Spaghetti hoops and toast really fills me up so it’s great for a fast day without an afternoon snack, I had this at around 11am. Then I would at a football stadium where I serve and prepare food all day, so I was aware that I might crave food when I spelt all the hotdogs and chicken wraps etc, but you know what? I didn’t feel hungry, I went all day without wanting food and without proper hunger for the first time and it felt great! Even when I got home and was preparing dinner I didn’t feel starving like I expected and I had dinner and my snack and felt really full and happy. I didn’t feel the lack of energy I have experienced in the past, I actually didn’t feel any different than an normal day. So it obviously does get better! I’m so happy!


3 thoughts on “Sixth Fast Day

  1. Very interesting blog so far. I started the 5:2 diet myself around the start of the year and after a couple of initial stumbles I think I’ve got a routine down that seems to work. I expected the fast days to be a nightmare before I started but after the first few, which were definitely difficult, I’m no longer having the hunger pangs or the desire to snack. I’ve also found myself eating less on the non-fast days as well. Hopefully it keeps on that way!

    Good luck with your diet!


    • Yeah I think your body definitely adjusts to the fasting days which is great! I have also felt I eat less on the non fast days now, I have cut down my portion size on most meals which is probably aiding my weight loss as well! I too hope this carries on! Good luck to you too!


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