7th Fast Day

So we’re back to Monday and another fasting day! The weeks seem to be coming round so quickly it’s crazy that we are already past the middle of January and by the end of the week I would of been on this diet a month! It’s definitely the most sustainable diet I have even been on and by this point I feel like I have just settled into a routine, no feelings of dread or thoughts of quitting, I feel like I just have to get through it and then I get a few days off. It’s not really a diet anymore, it’s a lifestyle and I feel good.

I am quite interested into seeing how going back to exercising 2-3 times a week affects my weight loss. Something I’ve read recently said that doing exercise can sometimes slow the weight loss down due to water retention and gaining muscle etc. I do mainly high cardio classes with a bit of toning from the weights during circuits, and I also do cheerleading twice a week for 2 hours. Whilst I was at home for christmas holidays I did literally no exercise whilst losing that initial 4 pounds, so I’m hoping it aids my weight loss rather than hinder it, but I am determined to not be disheartened if I do start losing less. As you might notice I haven’t said my weight loss this week, this is due to being back at uni and not trusting the scales I have here. So I will only be weighing myself when I go home, which is still in nearly 2 weeks time, so it will be 3 weekly weigh ins from now on. Also when I go home I will be measuring myself again to see if there are any changes there as well which I’m quite excited for!

Lunch: Sandwich thin with chicken, cucumber & tomato – 200 calories
Dinner: Sweet Potato Chilli – 215 calories
The 5:2 Diet recipe book
Snack: Shape 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 475 calories

At 1.15pm I had my lunch, I added more calories to it today by indulging in a little sweet chilli sauce in my sandwich, I really do recommend the sandwich thins, they are such a great substitute to a slice of bread and at only 100 calories for the whole thing, it is a guilt free way to have a sandwich on a fast day! At around 6pm I had dinner, I got my dinner recipe from one of my recipe books and I must say it was so nice and really filling, kept me feeling full all evening! I also cut out my afternoon snack again today, the goal is to try and push eating as far back as possible during the day to prolong the fast. I have to say going all afternoon without food is getting so much easier. I had my yogurt for dessert though, but I am quite a dessert lover and I like a sweet treat at the end of the day. Today was a particularly good day because I managed to stay under the 500 calories which hardly ever happens haha! I have bought a treat for tomorrow to congratulate myself for being good, a creme egg! I literally can’t wait to eat it. My next fast day is Friday so expect the next update then.


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