8th Fast Day

Sorry I am so behind with an update guys, I’ve been really ill 😦 and had such a busy weekend but I still did my fast day Friday. Being ill actually helped seeing as I didn’t even really want to eat anything haha.

Snack: 2 small satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Chinese chicken and noodles – 320 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 420 calories

So after laying in bed all morning thinking I was going to die but fighting to get up because I had so much to do I finally got into uni and had a snack at around 3pm, this was my first food of the day. I then made dinner for around 7pm but the calories are much higher than you have to make it I just had a bigger portion and the noodles I had to hand weren’t very efficient calorie wise, you can make it around 200 calories and it is really tasty. I had a yogurt to end the day (to try and cheer myself up) and then thats all I had! Quite a successful fast day even if that was partially because I felt like death for the whole of it.

Because of how late I am posting I’ll be posting todays fast results this evening, happy fasting!


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