10th Fast Day

So I’m home from uni for the weekend, YAY! And I’m not ILLLL! And it’s also a fast day, I’ll be weighing in tomorrow but I measured myself today and in total I’ve lost 7 inches off my body! This includes 2 and a half inches off my waist, and around an inch off everywhere else. Which is such good progress in just over a month. Today is probably been the hardest day mentally for me, there was a couple of times I really wanted to eat. I also drove home today and it was hard going driving for 2 hours on an empty stomach. But I have only just got my appetite back after being ill and I think that made me more hungry.

Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Snack: 1 crabstick – 16 calories
Dinner: Herby Cod with Salad – 350 calories
0% fat yogurt – 70 calories
Total: 476 calories

So I had the satsumas as soon as I got in after driving home at around 1.30pm then I had a crabstick out of weakness at around 4pm, dinner at 5.45pm was really nice, two cod fillets at 100 calories each with some mixed herbs and breadcrumbs put on top, with some cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I had two fillets but I could have just had one, and I am overcompensating for the herby crust, it is probably more like 320 calories or 220 with just 1 fillet, so this can be a very low calorie meal. A lot more filling than you would think initially. Definitely will do that again! Today was actually significant because I decided to do a Legs, Bums and Tums and Pilates class in the evening which I have never attempted before on a fast day, I did feel a little hungry afterwards but I had enough energy to do them which is good. I only had Activia yogurts at home so they were 70 calories and I had one of those once I got home again!

So quite a hard day but I got through it, and under 500 calories as well! Although I’m quite glad this one is over. I’ll do a quick post with a weight update tomorrow. Happy Fasting! 🙂


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