12th Fast Day

Today was a good day for me I got up early to do my uni work at 7.30am, I did my work solidly till around 11.45pm where I had my first snack, which was a banana, which I only had as I was going to a Zumba class and I felt I needed the energy! That was all I had till around 3.30pm where I had my sandwich and then dinner at 7.30pm and a yogurt at 9.30pm.

Snack: Banana – 90 calories
Lunch: Kingsmill Sandwich thins, with a little chicken and cucumber – 150 calories
Dinner: Spicy Prawns and rice – 200 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 500 calories

I apologise that my fasting days are all getting a bit similar and a bit boring I suppose. Whilst I’m at uni I don’t do very exciting meals, when I’m at home I do seem to have more of a variety. But I guess it shows you can do this diet on a budget, and it really does save you money! Plus really do look out for the lower calorie rice and pasta because it makes such a different to the calories in your meals if you find a lower calorie one. I’m back to not feeling as hungry again which is such a relief because I did think I might find it hard if it carried on as it was where I was soon hungry. Shows that you just have to stick at it.


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