13th Fast Day

On Saturday I actually did an extra fast day just because I kind of got through most of the day without much food and thought I might as well! So 3 fast days last week, I was kind of finding I quite enjoyed them. And then comes today. For the first time I felt really unmotivated, hungry and I have been fantasising about food all day. Maybe doing the extra day was too much?

Snack: Shape yogurt – 60 calories
Lunch: Thins with chicken and cucumber – 150 calories
Snack: Satsuma – 20 calories
Dinner: Vegetable curry with rice – 250 calories
Total: 480 calories

So I caved early and had a yogurt at 11am then at 1pm I had my sandwich which I really enjoyed and I felt a little happier after that. Then I had to make the cookie dough for a bake sale I said I would provide for tomorrow because I wanted the dough to chill overnight, this was agony because all I wanted to do was eat all the cookie dough, but I managed to stay on track because they won’t be cooked until tomorrow so I’ll have some of the dough before I put them in the oven! I had cheerleading practice tonight which is why I generally avoid Tuesday as a fast day but I couldn’t get around it this week, so I had a satsuma before I went at 5pm, I then didn’t get back till 8pm when I had my dinner which was nice and filling. So I guess my day didn’t go too badly, but I am really ready for tomorrow!


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