14th Fast Day

Today worked out quite well because I had a lecture between 11am-1pm anyway, so I just didn’t eat before that, then I went food shopping, which I know sounds like the worst thing to do on a fast day but I always do my weekly shop on a Friday and it doesn’t bother me too much. So I didn’t eat much lunch till about 2.30pm and although this didn’t fill me up as much as it has in the past, it still was substantial for this afternoon and I didn’t start to feel hungry again till about 5.30ish, it was a bit of a struggle at this point but not as bad as other fast days,  but now it was time to wash my hair etc so I didn’t actually eat dinner till around 7pm. My omelette was great and reaaaally filling which is important because I was feeling super hungry beforehand. The yogurt at the end of the day was more for a sweet fix because I really crave something sweet at the end of a fast day!

Lunch: Spaghetti Hoops & Toast – 210 calories
Dinner: Cheese & Tomato Omelette – 200 calories

This is the recipe I based my omelette on but I did mine slightly differently because of what I had to hand and I wanted a larger omelette for fewer calories so I added a couple of eggs without the yolk.
1 large egg – 98 calories
2 medium egg whites – 30 calories
Tomatoes – 10 calories
2 tbsp parmasan – 44 calories
1/2 small onion – 15 calories

Snack: Shape yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 470 calories



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