15th & 16th Fast Days

Sorry really haven’t been on the ball this week!
I did my 15th fast day Sunday because I had a committed week so thats the only day I could do. It wasn’t particularly eventful, I cooked meals that are staples for me now, and it then went pretty much without much fuss

Lunch: Thins with cucumber and chicken – 150 calories
Snack: Toffee Crisp Biscuit Bar – 99 calories
Dinner: Spicy prawns and rice – 250 calories
Total: 499 calories

Now today is my 16th fast day, and I’m at home again, weigh in is tomorrow and I’ve managed to lose another 7 inches off my body (I know right WHAT?!) I don’t know how I’ve managed this in 3 weeks but sure enough another couple of inches off my waist and around an inch everywhere else but my arms. Crazy. I’m a little scared to get on the scales because I have overindulged a couple of days in the last week, I had a cheerleading competition where all day I ate crap and Monday I went Wetherspoons and had a pulled pork burger and chips! I’ve been so bad haha! So I had a half fasting day Tuesday where I fasted all day and only had around 250 calories and then had pancakes because of course I couldn’t miss out on pancake day, by the end of the day I had about 900 calories so still a lot less than a normal day! So hopefully this has counteracted my badness.

Anyways today has gone like this:

Lunch: Thins with crab sticks and cucumber – 140 calories
Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Chinese prawns and noodles – 250 calories
Snack: Activia Yogurt – 70 calories
Total: 500 calories

My dinner was Chinese New Year inspired and I used different noodles, and added some honey to the sauce hence why mine was more calories than the recipe says! I do recommend it, it was really yummy! Really managed to stay on my calorie target this week which is great, next fast day is Monday so I finally get a bit of time off!


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