22nd Fast Day

Today I went to uni and then drove home so not much time to be thinking about food! I had a couple of satsumas before the drive home at 1pm and then I waited until dinner at 5.30pm then had another snack at around 8pm. I didn’t feel hungry today at all, which was great!

Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Numberetti and two slices of toast – 330 calories
Snack: Fruit & Grain Cereal bar – 125 calories
Total: 495 calories

Dinner was good, I love getting the little tins of spaghetti hoops and stuff so today was numberetti, one of your 5 a day only just over 100 calories and great with toast! Then I treated myself to a cereal bar at the end of the day, and its one of my favourites, a knock off from Asda of the Nutrigrain bars, felt like a really nice treat at the end of the day, maybe I’ll try and wait all day more often!


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