14th Fast Day

Today worked out quite well because I had a lecture between 11am-1pm anyway, so I just didn’t eat before that, then I went food shopping, which I know sounds like the worst thing to do on a fast day but I always do my weekly shop on a Friday and it doesn’t bother me too much. So I didn’t eat much lunch till about 2.30pm and although this didn’t fill me up as much as it has in the past, it still was substantial for this afternoon and I didn’t start to feel hungry again till about 5.30ish, it was a bit of a struggle at this point but not as bad as other fast days,  but now it was time to wash my hair etc so I didn’t actually eat dinner till around 7pm. My omelette was great and reaaaally filling which is important because I was feeling super hungry beforehand. The yogurt at the end of the day was more for a sweet fix because I really crave something sweet at the end of a fast day!

Lunch: Spaghetti Hoops & Toast – 210 calories
Dinner: Cheese & Tomato Omelette – 200 calories

This is the recipe I based my omelette on but I did mine slightly differently because of what I had to hand and I wanted a larger omelette for fewer calories so I added a couple of eggs without the yolk.
1 large egg – 98 calories
2 medium egg whites – 30 calories
Tomatoes – 10 calories
2 tbsp parmasan – 44 calories
1/2 small onion – 15 calories

Snack: Shape yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 470 calories



13th Fast Day

On Saturday I actually did an extra fast day just because I kind of got through most of the day without much food and thought I might as well! So 3 fast days last week, I was kind of finding I quite enjoyed them. And then comes today. For the first time I felt really unmotivated, hungry and I have been fantasising about food all day. Maybe doing the extra day was too much?

Snack: Shape yogurt – 60 calories
Lunch: Thins with chicken and cucumber – 150 calories
Snack: Satsuma – 20 calories
Dinner: Vegetable curry with rice – 250 calories
Total: 480 calories

So I caved early and had a yogurt at 11am then at 1pm I had my sandwich which I really enjoyed and I felt a little happier after that. Then I had to make the cookie dough for a bake sale I said I would provide for tomorrow because I wanted the dough to chill overnight, this was agony because all I wanted to do was eat all the cookie dough, but I managed to stay on track because they won’t be cooked until tomorrow so I’ll have some of the dough before I put them in the oven! I had cheerleading practice tonight which is why I generally avoid Tuesday as a fast day but I couldn’t get around it this week, so I had a satsuma before I went at 5pm, I then didn’t get back till 8pm when I had my dinner which was nice and filling. So I guess my day didn’t go too badly, but I am really ready for tomorrow!

12th Fast Day

Today was a good day for me I got up early to do my uni work at 7.30am, I did my work solidly till around 11.45pm where I had my first snack, which was a banana, which I only had as I was going to a Zumba class and I felt I needed the energy! That was all I had till around 3.30pm where I had my sandwich and then dinner at 7.30pm and a yogurt at 9.30pm.

Snack: Banana – 90 calories
Lunch: Kingsmill Sandwich thins, with a little chicken and cucumber – 150 calories
Dinner: Spicy Prawns and rice – 200 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 500 calories

I apologise that my fasting days are all getting a bit similar and a bit boring I suppose. Whilst I’m at uni I don’t do very exciting meals, when I’m at home I do seem to have more of a variety. But I guess it shows you can do this diet on a budget, and it really does save you money! Plus really do look out for the lower calorie rice and pasta because it makes such a different to the calories in your meals if you find a lower calorie one. I’m back to not feeling as hungry again which is such a relief because I did think I might find it hard if it carried on as it was where I was soon hungry. Shows that you just have to stick at it.

11th Fast Day

Sorry this is so late, this is from my fast day Monday, but it didn’t post for some reason! So, I weighed myself on Friday, and I’ve lost another 5 pounds, 9 pounds in total! Really happy with my progress! On the down side, today has been the hardest day yet, I’ve felt so hungry all day I’ve hardly been able to stand it, but I have got through it, it’s important not to give up, however hard it gets.

Lunch: Spaghetti Hoops – 110 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Dinner: Sweet Potato Chilli and Rice – 260 calories
Snack: Coco Pops Cereal Bar – 83 calories
Total: 513 calories

I drove back to uni and I was starving so I had some spaghetti hoops at around 11.30am, then a yogurt pretty much straight afterwards. I then wasn’t too hungry till I had dinner at around 6pm, Morrisons basmati rice is really low in calories so I was able to have some with my chilli. This again was really filling just like last time, and I had frozen this portion and it seemed better than the first time! Then at around 7.45pm I had my last snack, a coco pops cereal bar, which are surprising low in calories, and really satisfied my sugar craving. So it hasn’t been the best of days but I know it’s working so hopefully I’ll get back to finding fast days a little easier soon.

10th Fast Day

So I’m home from uni for the weekend, YAY! And I’m not ILLLL! And it’s also a fast day, I’ll be weighing in tomorrow but I measured myself today and in total I’ve lost 7 inches off my body! This includes 2 and a half inches off my waist, and around an inch off everywhere else. Which is such good progress in just over a month. Today is probably been the hardest day mentally for me, there was a couple of times I really wanted to eat. I also drove home today and it was hard going driving for 2 hours on an empty stomach. But I have only just got my appetite back after being ill and I think that made me more hungry.

Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Snack: 1 crabstick – 16 calories
Dinner: Herby Cod with Salad – 350 calories
0% fat yogurt – 70 calories
Total: 476 calories

So I had the satsumas as soon as I got in after driving home at around 1.30pm then I had a crabstick out of weakness at around 4pm, dinner at 5.45pm was really nice, two cod fillets at 100 calories each with some mixed herbs and breadcrumbs put on top, with some cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I had two fillets but I could have just had one, and I am overcompensating for the herby crust, it is probably more like 320 calories or 220 with just 1 fillet, so this can be a very low calorie meal. A lot more filling than you would think initially. Definitely will do that again! Today was actually significant because I decided to do a Legs, Bums and Tums and Pilates class in the evening which I have never attempted before on a fast day, I did feel a little hungry afterwards but I had enough energy to do them which is good. I only had Activia yogurts at home so they were 70 calories and I had one of those once I got home again!

So quite a hard day but I got through it, and under 500 calories as well! Although I’m quite glad this one is over. I’ll do a quick post with a weight update tomorrow. Happy Fasting! 🙂

9th Fast Day

Here’s my second post of the day! Fast day number 9, and I’m still ill, how brilliant. But it is aiding my fasting days I think, I’m not sure if I’m just not hungry because I’m ill, or because I’ve got even more used to fasting. But I didn’t have my first snack till 5.00pm and then dinner at 6.30pm. Then I had my yogurt at about 8.30pm and that was it for the day, which means I’m under my 500 calories by loads but I’m not hungry and don’t want to eat for the sake of it.

Snack: 2 small satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Pasta with a homemade tomato sauce – 240 calories
Snack: 0% fat yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 300 calories

I’m still really enjoying my diet, week 5 is off to a flying start, hopefully by Thursday I will be better and be even more happy to do my fast day. Especially as this week is weighing and measuring week so I’ll know the truth about my weight loss, I’m really going to aid my weight loss by eating quite healthy on my other days, just so you know, so far every week I’ve been eating exactly what I want from waffles to chinese to mcdonalds, and I had all them in my first weeks of weight loss so don’t be scared to eat what you want, you’ll still lose weight! I’m not saying do this every single day but a little treat once a week won’t hurt. But I have been cutting down my portion sizes because I was definitely eating a lot of unknown calories from my massive piles of pasta and rice!

8th Fast Day

Sorry I am so behind with an update guys, I’ve been really ill 😦 and had such a busy weekend but I still did my fast day Friday. Being ill actually helped seeing as I didn’t even really want to eat anything haha.

Snack: 2 small satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Chinese chicken and noodles – 320 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 420 calories

So after laying in bed all morning thinking I was going to die but fighting to get up because I had so much to do I finally got into uni and had a snack at around 3pm, this was my first food of the day. I then made dinner for around 7pm but the calories are much higher than you have to make it I just had a bigger portion and the noodles I had to hand weren’t very efficient calorie wise, you can make it around 200 calories and it is really tasty. I had a yogurt to end the day (to try and cheer myself up) and then thats all I had! Quite a successful fast day even if that was partially because I felt like death for the whole of it.

Because of how late I am posting I’ll be posting todays fast results this evening, happy fasting!