20th Fast Day

My fast day was yesterday and I was up quite early so it was a struggle ti wait till lunchtime for food, also when I’m doing work at home I seem to want to snack a lot more so it was a lot of self control to stop myself from eating before lunchtime! I’ll have another weigh in at the end of this week which will be interesting. I don’t feel like I’ve lost that much more weight but you never know.

Lunch: Spaghetti Hoops and Potato Waffle – 225 calories
Snack: 1 Satsuma – 20 calories
Dinner: Haddock with a herby crust and salad – 200 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 505 calories

I had lunch around 1pm in the end, and then dinner around 6.30pm, I got quite hungry at 3ish so I had a satsuma and then had a yogurt after dinner at around 8ish. I found this is the best routine for the day timings wise, the longer I can wait till lunch the better but it really depends on my mood that day as to how long I can wait. I have noticed a real different in my clothes now, I look so much better because of the weight loss, I’m wondering if the weight loss will slow up a lot I’m getting nearer to my goal, that seems to be the case with the other people I’m doing the 5:2 with. But I’m not too bothered because it’s still months away till my holiday so I have plenty of time!


19th Fast Day

I did this fast day on Tuesday, it was okay, I had class at 10am and then again at 2pm I ate between these times and then dinner after my Legs, bums and tums class at 8pm, I really didn’t feel that hungry today. I might do an extra day or a half fast day this week because I’ve ate a lot this week. I didn’t feel too much dread for today but I do feel as if I’m just going through the motions a little.

Lunch: Thins – 150 calories
Dinner: Vegetable Curry with rice – 200 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 510 calories

I had the vegetable curry frozen from another time and it was just as good the second time around! I did struggle with Legs bums and tums a little because it needed some energy but I got through it!

I’m doing a half fast day today, I’m going to stick to around 600 calories but I’m going out tonight for a few drinks which will bring the calories up, hence why I can’t have a full fasting day! The plan is to have:

Breakfast: Nutrigrain Cereal Bar – 163 calories
Lunch: Thins with Alioli – 150 calories
Dinner: Spicy Prawns and rice – 250 calories
Snack: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Total: 623 calories

This is still a large deficit of calories compared to a normal day, I think I need to start being a bit more disciplined on my other days so my weight loss doesn’t slow up.