21st Fast Day

Today was a bit of an odd day because I had work between 5pm-8pm so I couldn’t eat at a normal time. Therefore I had no lunch and quite an early dinner. So I seemed to have a lot of snack.s I haven’t felt too hungry but I’m scared for weigh in Friday because I don’t know how much I would have lost.

Breakfast: Shape Yogurt – 60 calories
Snack: 2 satsumas – 40 calories
Dinner: Spaghetti hoops, potato waffle and a tiny slice of toast – 280 calories
Snack: Bourbon – 67 calories
Snack: Apple crumble yogurt – 53 calories
Total: 500 calories

I had my breakfast before I left for uni at around 11.30am I had my satsumas at around 1.30pm then I had dinner at 4.20pm and then at work they were giving out bourbons and I couldn’t resist (I have a weakness for biscuits) and then a yogurt when I got back at 8.30pm. But it is a good example of a day where you can have many things for not many calories. Managed to get dead on 500 today, which never seems to happen!
Next fast day is Thursday, not too sure I like this every other day thing but I just can’t seem to fit them in any other way at the moment.